What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is a web hosting service that is pre-configured and optimised to host a WordPress-powered website efficiently.

What is WordPress hosting?
What is WordPress hosting?

If you have made the wise decision to choose WordPress for your website, the next thing on your mind will be to find the perfect WordPress web host.

You may have come across the term WordPress hosting several times during your search, so I will focus on describing what WordPress hosting is, why you need it, and the different types of WordPress hosting options available.

What is WordPress hosting?

Web hosting provides your website with a home, which includes all of the technical jargon like webspace, bandwidth, RAM, processing power, and servers that a website needs to operate and connect to the internet.

WordPress hosting is an optimised form of web hosting specifically designed to meet the security and performance needs of WordPress. This type of hosting setup usually includes one-click installs, automatic updates and backups that make it very easy for beginners to get started with WordPress.

Why do I need WordPress Hosting?

It is true that a wide variety of hosts are technically able to handle WordPress; however, not all hosts are equal or well-equipped to run your WordPress website. Many website owners who use WordPress hosting have expressed a high level of satisfaction with their hosts across a vast array of metrics.

Better Performance

WordPress Hosting optimises your site’s software, hardware, and network to enhance its performance and ensures that it excels past that of websites hosted by standard web hosts.

Enhanced Security

WordPress hosting will disable most or all of the usual unnecessary services that commonly run on a server leaving only the services that are essential for WordPress to run as smoothly and secure as possible. All WordPress hosting plans will also include highly advanced firewalls that are specifically configured for optimal security.

Types of WordPress Hosting

There are generally two types of WordPress Hosting. These are; shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting.

Shared WordPress Hosting

This type of WordPress hosting, which is performance-optimised, makes your site share a server with various other websites. Your typical shared WordPress host will offer access to one-click WordPress installs, optimisation tools and backups.

The downside of shared WordPress hosting is that resources are usually limited, so if your website or any other website on the same server has a traffic spike, your website will most likely suffer as a consequence and could become very slow or ultimately go offline, unless, of course, you choose a cloud-based shared host like Guru or 20i which have the technology in place to distribute load across their network of servers making it less likely for something like this to happen.

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Managed WordPress Hosting

If shared WordPress hosting is a standard 3-star hotel, managed WordPress hosting is a five-star resort with a beach and a cabana! In addition to all the features offered by shared WordPress hosting, managed WordPress hosting offers faster speeds, high-spec powerful servers, tighter security, staging sites and server-side caching. Although a little more expensive than standard shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting is great for start-ups or small businesses. You do not need to worry about updates, cache configurations, security or backups, as this type of hosting takes care of all that for you. Kinsta is a perfect example of what a managed WordPress host is.

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In conclusion, WordPress hosting is the go-to hosting solution for your WordPress websites. With the aid of this article, I am sure that you will have a better understanding of the concept of WordPress hosting and what it entails.

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